Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Latest on ABC's Bob Woodruff

New ABC anchor Bob Woodruff, who was seriously injured in Iraq today along with his cameraman, Doug Vogt, is close to the family of late NBC correspondent David Bloom. Indeed, the relationship is such that Woodruff, who was in Iraq at the time of Bloom's death in 2003, returned to the U.S. to help Bloom's widow with the funeral arrangements.

This must be an especially difficult ordeal for Woodruff's family, given that personal family connection, and it must be hard on the Bloom family as well.

Sending good thoughts to those injured and their families.

More here and here.

Media Bistro's TV Newser has posted regular updates throughout the day.

Monday Update: Melanie Bloom has accompanied Lee Woodruff to the hospital in Germany.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura, I like to support our troops by keeping up with mil blogs. Some of them originate with the soldiers in the field; others are from returned soldiers.

In my state so many neighbors and communities have soldiers in Iraq. The local newspaper featured one young mother who, called up as a reservist, said she was willing to defend her children and home.

Here is one I found through a Christian blog:

The young Marine is attempting to tell what he saw and make us see it too. HE has some thoughts on the Woodruff incident which you may want to read. Josh Morgan, the blogger, has been there and done that.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks much jng, I found this link interesting. I enjoy looking in on milblogs as well.

The answer to the question the blogger raises, of course, is that this is news because Woodruff is a familiar face to many. For some people that "personalizes" an event which of course has been experienced by many others. (I have had that experience myself in a way -- on 9/11 I was too stunned to react very emotionally at first, but when I heard Barbara Olson had died, then I cried. Her death was no more important than any other on that day, but it brought what had happened home to me in a different way.)

I do, however, think some in the media have gone overboard with their comments, emphasizing what has happened to him while not paying enough tribute to the members of our armed forces and their daily bravery. And some, notably Christiane Amanpour, have been motivated by the injuries to colleages to spew anti-American, anti-war statements.

One positive this story has brought out is the superb care rendered by our military doctors!

Thanks again -- Laura

7:57 PM  

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