Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Latest on Bible Literacy in Public Schools

300 school districts across the U.S. are considering using the new textbook THE BIBLE AND ITS INFLUENCE for elective Bible literacy courses.

USA Today has the latest news on this subject.


Blogger jon said...

In today's society, all things Christian are anathem. It's true. It's part of the United States' cultural pathology and will no doubt, unfortunately, be its undoing.

I don't mean that from a religious point of view either. It's the inevitable precipitate of value relativism. Value relativism and moral absolutism can never, in any way, coexist. They are diametrically opposed both practically and in terms of our understanding of ourselves, metaphysically. Since it is far easier, and in the short term more satisfying, to never be beholden to any value that is too difficult to embrace, the Bible and its archaic values passed down through history by people hearing the voices of an imaginary being (Not my point of view, but that's the way it is increasingly seen.) appear entirely arbitrary and such non-negotiables such as Thou Shalt No Commit Adultery, are seen as no more than "personal choices" with less influence than, say, homosexual orientation which is a genetic disposition. Again, not my point of view, but it is the point of view of value relativists today.

This is why they can not receive any instruction whatsoever regarding even the Cultural Significance of the Bible and its impact on art, literature, REASON, law and the very essence of our humanity for thousands of years.

having said that, I would be interested, knowing that it's the NEA that's making that curriculum available, in knowing how the literature of the Bible is being presented to students. I am sure that it is going to presented as a mythical text and will have no serious study of the historical relevance of the text but will most likely be taught as the Greek myths are taught. i.e. the Myth of creation. The Myth of David and Goliath, etc.

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