Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Latest on the In-N-Out Controversy

Today's Los Angeles Times expresses concern over the controversy behind the scenes at In-N-Out Burger, one of our "state treasures."

There were new developments in the ongoing litigation last week.

I think Lifelike Pundits has a point worth considering regarding the possibility of the chain going national. I don't know that the hidden Bible verses are In-N-Out's "most identifying feature" -- I'd say that's probably the Double Double! -- but the verses, along with the company's general conservative bent, give many of us additional reasons to be fans.

I had occasion to correspond with the company some years ago and was delighted to receive a letter embossed with an American flag and the logo "The Best Enterprise is a Free Enterprise." There was another patriotic slogan on the envelope or letterhead which escapes my memory.

We have a family tradition of stopping at In-N-Out on our way home from Christmas Eve services, and on more than one occasion we have received a Christmas -- NOT holiday -- card along with our meal signed by all the employees. This is a chain which happily embraces Christmas. Will such openly religious attitudes, including "Merry Christmas" and John 3:16 on the cups, be tolerated if the chain leaves family ownership and/or franchises as part of going national?

As I've written here before, expansion is something to be approached very carefully, in general -- witness the ongoing travails of Krispy Kreme. I hope the young lady who will be inheriting In-N-Out is being advised wisely.

(Hat tip: L.A. Observed.)


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