Friday, January 06, 2006

More on Judicial Leaking

Yesterday I noted (under "Liberals Seek to Reduce Executive Branch Power") a curious thing which popped up in the Washington Post: judges on the secret FISA court have been leaking to the press in furtherance of their own political agenda.

Andrew McCarthy of National Review wrote an excellent piece on this issue yesterday afternoon, in which he says that the article is "jaw-dropping" in reporting an "outrageous impropriety" by the judges.

He notes "To find federal FISA court judges leaking to the Washington Post...about the highest classified matters of national security in the middle of a war is simply shocking," and goes on to discuss several other issues, including the balance of power issue raised here yesterday.

It's a provocative article, in which McCarthy concludes that the judges who leaked are unfit to serve. We can only hope that yet another leak investigation will be forthcoming.


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