Monday, January 02, 2006

Now It Feels Like New Year's Day!

It's always a bit strange to wake up on January 1st and not watch the Rose Parade, as happens every few years when the 1st falls on a Sunday.

My hat is off to all the parade participants who are out there marching, smiling, and waving through torrential rain and wind.

We were puzzled by the absence of longtime parade cohost Stephanie Edwards in the KTLA broadcast booth. A Google News search pulled up a rumor that last year Edwards and Bob Eubanks may have had trouble getting along, resulting in Stephanie being reassigned as a "roving reporter." Hope it's not true; Bob and Stephanie have been New Year's Day regulars on L.A. TV for longer than I can remember.

My favorite faux paus by new cohost Michaela Pereira was referring to Sandra Day O'Connor as the first woman "Superior Court Justice." I give her credit, however, for stopping Bob Eubanks, who made the mistake (considering there are many small children in his audience) of talking about Disney characters like Donald Duck as being people in costume. As she said, "You just don't do that!"

KTLA will be selling a commemorative DVD of the parade for the first time.

Update: L.A. Observed reports reader emails are running strongly pro-Stephanie. Was Stephanie the victim of sexism, when Bob, who is six years older, was left in the booth? As the Rose Parade Coverage Turns...

Tuesday Update: Welcome to L.A. Observed readers!


Blogger Robin B said...

I haven't thought of Stephanie Edwards for a long time! She spoke at Grace Cypress once and was so funny and touching. She related that many people just often assumed that because she was a spokeperson for Lucky's Supermarket she didn't have to pay for groceries!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Love hearing about that. I know a couple other people who have met her at community events and they said she was very "regular folks" and fun.

Happy New Year to all of you! :)

1:39 PM  

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