Saturday, January 07, 2006

Say It Ain't So: Problems at In-N-Out Burger

The line of succession at family-owned In-N-Out Burger has been a concern for some time, as co-founder Esther Snyder is 86 and was preceded in death by her two sons. Snyder's only grandchild, 23-year-old Lynsi Martinez, is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with board members who are concerned Martinez wants to force her grandmother out and expand the chain too quickly.

A sad turn of events for this beloved Southern California institution.

Hopefully the internal problems will be resolved without damaging the chain. Concerns about expanding too quickly seem valid on the surface -- look at the problems with Krispy Kreme, which incidentally threatened earlier this week to shut down 28 California stores in a licensing dispute. The issue has been resolved, and the stores will remain open.


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