Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Fake CBS Poll

CBS is at it again, making up the news they want to broadcast.

That new poll that has incredibly low numbers for the President and Vice President (Cheney at 18% approval ratings?) -- well, it was just that, incredible. The total number of Democrats and Independents polled greatly outweighed Republicans -- at total odds with how the political parties actually break down in the American populace.

Moreover, the poll was not of "likely voters" or even "registered voters," but simply of U.S. adults.

One can't simply write this off as "bias" -- it's fake agenda-driven news, pure and simple.

Further analysis at The Corner.

NewsBusters has more.

How appropriate that today we read about the President and Karl Rove saluting the blogosphere. Without the alternative media, CBS would have actually gotten away with their anti-Bush agenda. Hopefully CBS will also be thwarted in its current attempt to persuade the American public that the President's poll ratings are so far down in the tank.

Update: Kellyanne Conway somewhat defends CBS's methodology. She suggests that if the polling were split equally between Democrats, Republicans, and independents, the President's numbers would only improve from 34% to 37%. But do independents really make up 33% of voters? (Of course, as mentioned above, the poll doesn't profess to sample voters.) And the numbers are still way off from other polls.

CBS defends their polling.

Further Update: Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters on "Exempt Media Math."


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