Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rob Reiner Preschool Update

I was happy to open my Sunday Long Beach Press-Telegram and find their editorial page taking Rob Reiner to task:

"...$23 million in taxpayers' money spent on what amounts to a self-aggrandizing, crony-coddling political campaign that is wrong, and either is illegal or should be. What's worse, the very heart of the campaign is damaging to the cause of early childhood education."

The San Jose Mercury-News came out today against the preschool initiative, pointing out:

"The net effect is that Reiner would raise enrollments by just 6 percent, or 32,000 4-year-olds statewide, at a cost of $2.3 billion a year."

$2.3 billion for 32,000 children?!

Last summer the L.A. Times ran an interesting article raising the scary prospect of government bureaucrats setting statewide "standards" for all preschools. It's worth revisiting this article in light of the current controversy and pending ballot measure.

Stay tuned to Hugh Hewitt this week, he's been doing a great job staying on top of this story.


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