Monday, February 06, 2006

Senators Durbin & Kennedy Meet "Pajama Line"

Don't miss the series of posts at Power Line today about Paul Mirengoff's chance to question Senators Durbin and Kennedy during a break at the NSA hearings.

A flustered Durbin's parting shot was that he would try to check out "Pajama Line" -- mixing up the names Power Line and Pajamas Media -- to which Mirengoff replied that "Dan Rather knew something about the outfit."

The blogosphere has been buzzing about the exchange. Read the whole thing, and then head over to NRO's Media Blog for more.

The Senators are clearly not used to having to deal with actual questions of substance from someone who thinks quickly on his feet -- Mirengoff is a lawyer -- and we can only hope we see a lot more of this kind of "new journalism" in the future.


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