Monday, February 13, 2006

Thomas Sowell: The Consequences of Temper Tantrum Politics

Dr. Sowell laments the phony "crises" used in an attempt to undermine the President "at all costs," which have the result of weakening the President and our country internationally.

He notes: "Hundreds of raw FBI files on Republicans were sent to the Clinton White House, in violation of laws and for no higher purpose than having enough dirt on enough people to intimidate political opponents. But domestic spying against Republicans did not shock nearly as many people as intercepting phone calls from terrorists."

"The truly dangerous aspect of this temper tantrum politics is its undermining the government of the United States in its dealings with foreign powers and international terrorist networks...That is the real crisis that is being overshadowed by the phony political crisis."

Read the whole thing.

It strikes me that the media is complicit with Democrats in this undermining process; witness today's outrage that a paper in Corpus Christi got the "scoop" on the Vice President ahead of the D.C. press corps. It's Watergate, for sure! (Sarcasm off now...)


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