Thursday, March 09, 2006

"The Clintons Pass in the Night"

Last weekend I wondered just how much the Clintons communicate with each other, given that Hillary claimed to be "unaware" of Bill's active support for the Dubai Ports deal she strenuously opposed. It raised the possibility that either the Clintons' marriage is as distant as many of us suppose it might be, or she was lying.

Dick Morris writes on this in today's issue of The Hill (linked above), commenting that the ports deal is typical of "Hillary’s dream of no accountability and Bill’s of being able to take both sides of an issue." Morris suggests Hillary is well aware of Bill's employment and is "desperately trying to distract attention from the Dubai dollars that flow into her family checking account from Bill’s political and business dealings with the Dubai crown prince."

(Hat tip: Wide Awake Cafe.)

Meanwhile, check out Michelle Malkin for the latest links on Dubai's withdrawal from the ports operation deal.


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