Thursday, March 16, 2006

Excellent Reviews for Chief Justice Roberts

The Legal Times has published a very interesting article on Chief Justice John Roberts, who as Chief Justice already has a glowing reputation as both a conservative and a consensus builder:

"Without showing any sign of compromising his conservative views, Roberts has nonetheless written three unanimous opinions himself so far and presided over a Court that was unanimous in 21 out of 29 signed rulings issued. Just as significant, only six concurring opinions have been written this term -- a departure for justices long accustomed to writing separately to express even the slightest disgruntlement with the majority."

We can only hope President Bush has another opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice of the caliber of Roberts and Alito. Given Justice Ginsburg's opinions on the importance of foreign law when interpreting the United States Constitution, she can't retire too soon.

(Hat tip: Confirm Them.)


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