Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fashion Great Oleg Cassini Dies at 92

Cassini is most famous for designing Jacqueline Kennedy's White House wardrobe, which he chronicled in the wonderful book A THOUSAND DAYS OF MAGIC.

Cassini was once married to the beautiful actress Gene Tierney. Tragically, Tierney was exposed to rubella by a fan who broke quarantine to meet her, and Cassini and Tierney's oldest daughter was born with severe birth defects. (This incident is said to have inspired the plot of THE MIRROR CRACK'D.) Cassini and Tierney went on to have another daughter but eventually divorced, although they remained close. Cassini spoke movingly of Tierney in the BIOGRAPHY episode "A Shattered Portrait."

Cassini, titled a count at birth, was famously tossed over by Grace Kelly in the '50s when she decided to marry a prince.

Another obituary from The New York Times.


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