Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MSM Spins Teacher Indoctrination Story

NewsBusters has some very informative posts up today about how the Associated Press and the Today Show have spun the story of the teacher caught on tape in an anti-Bush, anti-American rant in favor of the teacher, Jay Bennish.

TODAY host Matt Lauer's questions included how the teacher felt about the student's family shopping the tape to "conservative media outlets." Well, Matt, would TODAY have covered it? I think not.

Michelle Malkin noted the teacher's makeover before he appeared on TV. Check out the before and after photos.

Colorado's governor has praised student Sean Allen, leading the teacher's attorney to complain "The governor has demonstrated a lack of knowledge about the First Amendment for many, many years."

I'd like to know why Mr. Bennish and his attorney believe Mr. Bennish is entitled to First Amendment protection when he's on the taxpayers' payroll speaking to a captive audience of minor students whose only means of escape is private school or homeschooling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, of course, Laura. You've caught this miscreant red-handed.

Ideally, I support the right of teachers to teach. But I also require them to follow a traditional sense of ethics with their students. And to keep personal views to themselves. Ideological abuse is immoral.

The secondary school teachers of my childhood were ill-paid leaders in an obscure rural system, but none would have entertained such behavior. It's unworthy of a teacher.

The big problem here is, I feel, the parents. Is this teacher, his lawyer, or the school board accountable to them? If not, then, as you say, their students are captives. Not in America.

I'd be sitting with most of my friends in every school board I could find quashing and bashing. Wanting to know who knew about this and who let the 'abuse' continue. And who will make sure it won't continue.

And informing someone that the classes with this teacher no longer needed the presence of my child.

This warpie's idea of the First Amendment stops at my child's ears.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks much for your comments, jg.

One of the problems I've found myself is how difficult it is to get any kind of positive response out of administrations and school boards. (We joke that principals run when they see us coming, LOL.) In the case of Sean Allen, we now know that the teacher is being reinstated to the classroom with little more than a slap on the wrist. That kind of nonresponsiveness is one reason why I'm now homeschooling our younger children.

But at the same time, you're absolutely right -- no parents should take this kind of behavior quietly and should continue to make their voices heard, even if the results are ultimately fruitless. Perhaps one day the accumulation of complaints will have an impact for the better.

Best wishes, Laura

9:41 AM  

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