Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Eminent Domain Controversy

A village in New York is considering using eminent domain to take over a privately held golf course and open it to all of the town's residents, which would then, the mayor has said, increase property values.

The mayor also says: "I consider a village golf course and recreational facility for residents a public use" and thus fair game under eminent domain law.

Hmmm, maybe my city should take over all the movie theaters in town and open them up for free public use...would free movies drive up our property values? Or maybe Anaheim should take over Disneyland for the free use of all its residents? What would that do to Anaheim's property values?!

These ideas sound absurd, but are no different than what the mayor in New York is proposing to do by having the local government forcibly take over a privately owned golf course.


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