Friday, March 03, 2006

On Teachers and Technology

Rush Limbaugh commented today that he thinks we're on the verge of undoing liberal teachers' ability to indoctrinate students. He commented that the student who made the tape in Colorado, Sean Allen, was better-informed than his teacher and also knew exactly how to get the tape publicly disseminated -- he went to talk radio.

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker (linked above) thinks new recording technology will lead to classroom changes. This has also been an issue at UCLA.

The teacher involved, Jay Bennish, is suing saying that his free speech rights are being violated. Frankly, when the government forces our children to attend one particular school if they are in the public school system, I don't think a teacher has free speech rights; the students, after all, don't have the right to leave, unless they choose to go to private school or homeschool. Further, I don't believe the teacher should have an expectation of "privacy" in his or her classroom; minor students should be free to report anything said by a teacher to their parents or others. As Betsy Newmark, a teacher, says: "Teachers shouldn't say anything that they don't want the public to know that they said in class."

Ben Johnson at Front Page Magazine has further details and background on this teacher's history. Michelle Malkin has a number of links posted, including a video link of the student's appearance on HANNITY AND COLMES.


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