Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rob Reiner Commission Will Be Audited

This is very good news indeed.

Daniel Weintraub of The Sacramento Bee reports that a memo prepared for the state's "First Five" commission laid out a plan to "create demand" for Reiner's plan for universal preschool using taxpayer funds: "Now, we will seek to persuade all adults in California that maximizing early childhood development benefits everyone, and that they should therefore support state efforts to provide universally available early learning programs."

The memo also warned that "People see the early years as primarily the responsibility of parents." Wow, what a scary concept!

As Weintraub writes: "The commission and its consultants saw the public funds they controlled as a piggy bank to pay for a re-education campaign aimed at furthering their own personal and policy goals. If that's not illegal, maybe it ought to be."

More from The Los Angeles Times.

Update: The Orange County Register says "It's time to kill Prop. 82," and calls on Rob Reiner to permanently resign from the First 5 Commission and withdraw his support for Prop. 82.


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