Wednesday, May 24, 2006

John Just Annoying

According to the New York Observer, John McCain has lambasted Rush Limbaugh as helping to "fuel" the immigration problem, apparently (the wording is ambiguous) charging that Limbaugh is "nativist." McCain's comments were made at a New York fundraiser last Friday.

Rush has been the voice of common sense on this issue, believing strongly in border enforcement but also expressing understanding that the President is working hard to try to lead the nation on this issue. McCain's complaint is nonsensical and shows once again he has a tin ear when it comes to conservatism.

Rush commented on his show today that McCain's comments show his elitist contempt for talk radio listeners; McCain obviously thinks Rush's listeners are the proverbial "mind-numbed robots" being led into incorrect points of view by Rush, rather than having minds of our own.

Rush also pointed out that rather than dealing with the substance of the points he's made, McCain is using the Democrat tactic of smearing -- which calls to mind Dennis Prager's column of earlier this week on the Democrats and the one-word attacks that pass for thoughtful debate these days. "Nativist" fits right in with "racist," "sexist," and other favorite words in the liberal "debate" lexicon.

McCain also cautioned against "ghettoizing immigrants," which has caused problems in France.

Well, Senator McCain, that "ghettoizing" is exactly what you might get with the Senate's "guest worker" underclass which you've championed. If illegal immigrants, our future "guest workers," are really doing jobs Americans won't do -- or, in the White House's recent careful re-phrasing, "jobs Americans aren't doing" -- who will do those jobs in future unless immigrants and guest workers do those jobs in perpetuity? Won't we need more illegal immigrants to do those jobs in future, or are we assuming the new immigrants and guest workers won't ever move up the economic ladder? Who's doing the "ghettoizing"?


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