Friday, May 26, 2006

Limbaugh: It's 1976 Revisited

Rush Limbaugh believes this is no longer an immigration bill, but an attempt by moderates and liberals to expand the federal government and create a new "victim"/voter class.

Today on his radio show Rush also equated the current political battle to Reagan vs. Ford in 1976 and says that so-called moderates are trying to "re-take" the Republican Party from conservatives.

Rush warns not to look for a fence, at least any time soon, as border control is not the main thrust of the legislation -- witness the requirement that we not only "consult" with the Mexican government on the fence, but take into consideration the "impact" on the Mexican side of the border. This is, in essence, a bill to expand immigration. Period.

Tony Snow told Rush yesterday that the President planned to move "assets" to the border in the immediate future. I'll be most interested to see what happens in that regard.


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