Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Hidden Provisions in Senate Bill

Senator John Cornyn has a page on this website: "Did You Know This About the 'Compromise' Bill?"

Proponents of the Senate's amnesty bill have claimed that it's not actually amnesty, in part, because former illegal aliens would be required to pay "all back taxes."

It turns out the American public is being sold a bill of goods.

The Senate bill doesn't require payment of "all back taxes" at all. Illegal aliens, who would have eight years to even begin repayment, would only have to pay taxes on three years' work. There would be no interest or other penalities, and immigrants under the age of 20 would not owe any taxes whatsoever. (I still want to know how the back taxes would have been calculated, anyway, given the typical lack of paperwork for the earnings of illegal aliens.)

Tom Bevan points out that, as with the "guest worker" labor provisions, the Senate's bill treats illegal aliens much more favorably than American citizens.

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Perhaps in the end the Senate's "giveaway" bill won't matter. Today's Los Angeles Times reports that the House is holding firm for an "enforcement only" bill.

Given the lack of "compromise" in the Senate bill, which is heavy on amnesty provisions and light on enforcement -- to the point of forbidding local law enforcement from arresting anyone for immigration-related issues -- I see no reason for the House to negotiate, unless the Senate is willing to engage in a wholesale overhaul of the bill it's about to pass.


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