Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Speech: Reaction Round-Up

Ed Morrissey (above): "It really seems as if the White House wrote a speech to just pacify their critics instead of actually responding to their concerns."

Power Line: "Disappointment...a dark day." Also at Power Line: "He had his chance...and he blew it."

John O'Sullivan, via Power Line: "Tired and tiring repetition."

National Review: "Amnesty Undeniable." NRO also has a symposium. I especially liked Victor Davis Hanson's thoughts on the lack of any concrete proposals to help effect immigrant assimilation.

Mark Tapscott compares last night's speech to a 2004 Presidential speech on immigration.

Mark Levin explains the lack of follow-through on border patrol budgeting last year.

Rush Limbaugh on the radio today: "We heard a sincere leader trying to lead the nation... It's a tough thing. People are asking today if they are just words; they've heard them before."


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