Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tony Snow on the Blogosophere

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Tony Snow today, and one of the topics was the blogosphere. Tony reads Power Line, Michelle Malkin, and Instapundit. I found this fascinating:

"We are in the process of designating people to sort of do blog work. Because...that is one of the things I am doing at the press office is to get us up on the new media, and so I still haven't finished that task, but I am going to start designating people to keep an eye out on certain blogs so we can figure out an effective strategy because, as you know, the great thing about a blog is that if you get some information out, the blogs are useful not only for infoprmation but also for various analyses. You get it into the bloodstream and boom, people start linking all across the universe and it is like one of those pictures of a crack in the ice, it just spiderwebs everywhere, only it does it at the speed of light..."

This understanding and desire to interact with the "new media" is just one of the many reasons Tony should do a fine job as White House Press Secretary.


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