Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You've Got to be Kidding...

This story is so absurd it seems as though it must be a parody, but it's in the Detroit News and apparently is the real deal.

The Michigan Department of Education has banned the use of the words "America" and "Americans" to describe the United States or its citizens. America, you see, includes all of North, Central, and South America, so to refer to residents of the United States as "Americans" is inappropriate. A directive to this effect has gone out to Michigan's teachers.

Apparently before the American Revolution (a phrase now banned, one wonders??), the Founding Fathers were "Americans." Afterwards, this term was no longer an appropriate description. So what is?

The reality that educrats on the taxpayer-funded payroll waste their time coming up with these things is both sad and laughable. And then they wonder why the quality of American education is declining.

Thursday Update: The Michigan Board of Education has refuted the Detroit News piece. The renaming was the suggestion of a group of "social studies educators" (who obviously have too much time on their hands). The state superintendent said he would not approve the changes if and when they make it as far as his desk. Good for him!

I'd like to know how the author of the column, Michael Warren, got so many details wrong.

(Hat tip: Betsy's Page.)


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