Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Could Akaka Bill Lead to Hawaiian Secession?

Senator Akaka seemed to say today that this could be a realistic result if his bill to establish a Native Hawaiian nation is passed by Congress, inasmuch as he discussed the steps the Hawaiian nation would take to pursue such a possibility.

Another possibility is the return to a Hawaiian monarchy.

Ironically, as anyone whose read James Michener's HAWAII knows, there are very few actual "Native Hawaiians." Hawaii is a true "melting pot" whose citizens are descended from Japanese, Chinese, Americans, and others. Thus, some are complaining that "Native Hawaiian" is too narrowly defined: "We want it to be for any descendants of kingdom nationals who were loyal to the queen during the time she was deposed."

That's right, prove your ancestry goes back a few decades and you could be part of the new Hawaiian nation.

Frank Gaffney has a good op-ed on this topic in today's Washington Times. He also addresses the possibility of Hawaiian secession from the United States if this bill is signed into law. Peter Kirsanow is also worth reading.

Can you imagine the aid and comfort this could give, say, those in the "reconquista" movement? They could then try to establish a "Native Californian" government and reclaim part of the state...

The Administration has finally gone on the record against this horrible bill.

Now the question is, will the Senate, including many Senate Republicans, once more show the American people that they are out of touch with both the Constitution and what is best for our country?

Update: Rod Dreher of Crunchy Con on the precedent the Hawaiian bill could set for the American Southwest: "Hawaii First, Aztlan Later." And, as Dreher points out, after that what's to stop further splintering of our country? (Hat tip: Mary Katharine Ham at Hugh Hewitt.)

I can't imagine that most Americans would agree with this bill, which if signed into law threatens the very future of our nation.

Thursday Update: The Akaka bill fell 4 votes short of cloture today and is mercifully dead for the moment.

The usual RINO suspects voted in favor of cloture, including McCain, Specter, Snowe and Hagel.


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