Friday, July 21, 2006

Today at Disneyland

It was a hot but beautiful day today at Disneyland:

The first order of business was to visit the newly remodeled Pirates of the Caribbean. We enjoyed it and found the movie-related additions fun; they didn't take anything away from the old ride (other than a little of the "Yo-Ho" music which seems to have been replaced by the movie's theme), simply added in a little new fun. Going through the "mist screen" after viewing Davy Jones was a particularly nice effect.

Next we paid a visit to Captain Jack Sparrow himself! All of our crew enjoyed meeting him.

You may not be able to make them out, but there were two mountain climbers on the Matterhorn this morning. Click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view.

A lovely sculpture of Dumbo at "The Hub" in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Thank you, Walt!


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