Friday, July 21, 2006

Tonight's Movie: Moon Over Miami (1941)

MOON OVER MIAMI is a very enjoyable musical in glorious Fox color, starring Betty Grable, Don Ameche, and Robert Cummings. Grable and her sister (Carole Landis) are two waitresses who have a plot to marry Betty to a Miami millionaire and thus improve the family finances. Their aunt (Charlotte Greenwood) is also along for the ride.

The movie has hummable songs and some terrific dancing, particularly a number featuring Betty and famed dancer-choreographer Hermes Pan. My daughter at first thought Fred Astaire had wandered into the movie; Pan greatly resembles Astaire, his frequent collaborator.

Some of the film was shot on location in Florida, with doubles apparently standing in for the stars; there is some pretty awful back projection behind the lead actors at times, but it adds to the movie's charm in a goofy sort of way. :) It's hard to be concerned about the special effects when you're also taking in the stunning gowns by Travis Banton and enjoying tunes like "Oh Me, Oh Mi-ami!" and "You Started Something." The leads are all charming, and the solid supporting cast includes Jack Haley and Cobina Wright, Jr. The film's running time is 92 minutes.

MOON OVER MIAMI is available on DVD, as a single title or part of the Betty Grable Collection. It's also available on video.


Blogger Irene said...

I watched this movie today. Nothing like a good Technicolor musical! I would have liked to see it on DVD, but the library only had a VHS tape surprisingly in good condition. I really like Charlotte Greenwood in this. She could really kick up her heels. And the gowns. I love to look at hairstyles and clothing from this period :)

5:34 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

What fun you got to see it! "Oh me, Oh Mi-ami!" I love that movie. :) Very cheerful and uplifting.

Thanks for sharing your impressions!

Best wishes,

5:36 PM  

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