Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 More Egyptian Students Arrested

This is also mentioned in an update below, but particularly in light of this day's events, it bears noting that three more of the missing Egyptian students have been arrested.

One of the students was arrested at O'Hare International Airport in Illinois, and two others were taken into custody at a residence in Maryland.

I'm really appalled at the University of Montana administrator who tried to blame the students being AWOL on their poor English and being "separated" during customs interviews. These gentlemen obviously spoke enough English to obtain tickets to states as far-flung as Maryland, Illinois, and Minnesota, when ostensibly they would have entered the country with pre-paid tickets connecting them from New York to Montana.

Some of the students' families suggest the students were looking for work.

Whether the students were involved with terrorism or something more "benign," working here as illegal immigrants, this is yet one more example of a broken immigration system that badly needs to be fixed. Despite the rationalizing of those who defend illegal workers, it's not all right for anyone, of any nationality or country, to enter or work in this country illegally.

We simply can't afford the risk, and hopefully today's events in England will freshly underscore this point.

Update: The Egyptian "student" arrested at O'Hare created a disturbance after attempting to use his New York to Bozeman, Montana, ticket to fly to Montana from Chicago.

A policeman at the scene says "He was acting in a strange, erratic behavior."

Authorities in Maryland say the students arrested there apparently intended to obtain jobs.

How do we know that's not a cover for their real plans? At this point, I think it's reasonable to assume the worst of anyone who attempts to enter or remain in this country illegally.


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