Thursday, August 10, 2006

Charles Krauthammer on Democrats as "Doves"

Dr. Krauthammer on the naive and "myopic" foreign policy ideals of the Democrats, and why their anti-war stance may cost the party in the long run:

"The Iraq War will end, as will the Bush presidency. But the larger conflict that defines our times -- war on Islamic radicalism, more politely known as the war on terror -- will continue, as the just-foiled London airliner plot unmistakably reminds us. And the reflexive anti-war sentiments underlying Ned Lamont's victory in Connecticut will prove disastrous for the Democrats in the long run -- the long run beginning as early as November '08."

Daniel Henninger of Opinion Journal also has a good piece: "From the perspective as of yesterday of getting on a U.S. airliner, who would you rather have in the Senate formulating policy toward this threat--Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman? Well, the Democratic Party would rather have Ned Lamont... With the knifing of Joe Lieberman, the Democrats have locked in as the antiwar party. No turning back now...

"What the Democratic Party needs more than anything for the way forward is adult supervision."


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