Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good Blogging on Winston Churchill in America

John in Carolina recently concluded a very informative series of posts on Winston Churchill's travels in America in 1929. The final post of the series is linked above. I recommend backtracking and reading more, as they were quite interesting.

Having visited Hearst Castle last year, I particularly enjoyed Churchill's comments on William Randolph Hearst. Although, considering Churchill's family wealth and ancestral home, Blenheim Palace, I did wonder a bit at Churchill's criticism, shared in a letter to Clementine Churchill, that Hearst was "...playing with the most costly toys. A vast income always overspent: Ceaseless building & collecting not vy discriminatingly works of art." Any possible prejudice against "new money" there? Regardless of that query on my part, Churchill's thoughts make for good reading.

I should learn more about this remarkable man. There are so many parallels between the battle now being waged against terrorism and the way WWII evolved that it seems particularly timely to learn more about Churchill, who warned about appeasement in the '30s. If anyone has any particular Churchill titles they'd like to recommend in the comments, please do!

John in Carolina has also done exhaustive blogging on the (lack of) evidence in the Duke "lacrosse" case. Worth checking out.


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