Monday, August 07, 2006

Harry Reid's "Do Nothing" Congress

John Fund at Opinion Journal on Senate Minority Leader Reid's agenda, which is simply to block legislation at every turn. Senator Reid apparently thinks that obstructionism will win votes for the Democrats in November.

This calls to mind that last month Senator Reid used a procedural maneuver to block an amendment aimed at ending "catch and release" of illegal aliens.

While I'm no fan of Senator Reid, I'm also no fan of the federal minimum wage bill and would like to see Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist unbundle his "trifecta" and have separate votes on issues like the minimum wage and the repeal of the estate tax. I suspect, however, that Frist's calculation is that if he does that and holds separate votes, we'll end up with an increase in the minimum wage, no repeal of the estate tax, and a lot of unhappy conservatives. This may be an attempt to make a higher minimum wage, which some in the Senate think necessary to win votes, more palatable to conservatives by also passing bills we support.


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