Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Homosexual Textbook Bill Flounders in CA

A bill to insert "gay history" into California textbooks has been modified due to Governor Schwarzenegger's planned veto. The bill would have forced textbook publishers to label sexual preferences of historic figures (at least when it comes to homosexuals) so that schoolchildren would appreciate the "history and achievements" of gays and lesbians.

The measure now "only bars teaching anything that 'reflects adversely' on people because of their sexual orientation. Schools would also be prohibited from sponsoring any activities that sanction such a bias."

Interesting use of the word "only" by the L.A. Times. Even in its revised state, the bill could cause trouble in the future, if activists use it as an excuse to bring suits against California schools.

Fortunately it appears that the governor will still veto the bill, as he does not believe the legislature should "micromanage curriculum."

Governor Schwarzenegger is far from a perfect governor, and my support for him could be characterized as lukewarm, as we disagree on many issues. Still, there are days when I'm very glad that Arnold is in office rather than Gray Davis or Cruz Bustamante. Were either of those men the current governor, the bill would very likely be signed into law. Half a loaf...


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