Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Terror Arrests in Michigan?

If you read only one other blog this week, it should be Michelle Malkin. She's got the latest on a number of significant stories, ranging from the faked photos in Lebanon to the missing Egyptian students and now has multiple links to what appears to be significant arrests in Dearborn, Michigan.

Two men stopped on a traffic violation had $11,000 in cash, 12 cell phones (and admitted to buying 600 more), airplane passenger lists, and "information on airport security checkpoints."

There was also a map of Wal-Mart locations through the South. Remember the unusual cell phone purchases reported earlier this year? Hmmm.

Why do I have the uncomfortable feeling that the FBI will soon be reassuring us that there is no terrorism involved? I don't know if the feds are afraid of panicking the public or are being politically correct or what, but they have acted too quickly too many times in telling the public not to worry about connections with terrorism. They need to fully and completely investigate first, and reassure (if warranted) second.

Thursday Update: The Associated Press, via the Akron Beacon Journal, on the connections between the two men and terrorism. A court hearing will be held later today.


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