Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Next for Lieberman?

If Senator Joe Lieberman wins election in November as an Independent, who will he caucus with? Will he still be a "de facto" Democrat, or will he turn his back on those who very weakly supported him (and those who didn't support him at all) in the primary?

No one expects Joe will turn into a Republican overnight, as he has a strong Democrat voting record, but this could be interesting.

Meanwhile, what wonderful news that voters in Georgia had the good sense to oust Cynthia McKinney from the House of Representatives. McKinney is claiming that old standby, voting irregularities, including that somehow her name was not on some ballots.

Given McKinney's past history, including claiming 9/11 was a Bush conspiracy, I think we can easily assess the validity (or not) of McKinney's claims of a rigged election.


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