Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back to Back to Back to Back...and Then Some!

One of the wonderful things about baseball is that inevitably, eventually...magic happens.

Monday night was one of those nights. The Los Angeles Dodgers became only the fourth team in baseball history to hit four back-to-back home runs, and the first team ever to do it coming from behind in the ninth inning. They capped the amazing rally with yet another home run in the tenth inning, a walk-off which vaulted the Dodgers back into first place. (A position they unfortunately fell back out of on Tuesday.)

You can read excerpts of Vin Scully's call here. Or check the team's official site and see if the video clips are still available.

Read more on this exciting night here, here, and here.

Wednesday Update: Video is available at this MLB link. (Hat tip: The Irish Trojan.)

Further Update: Don't miss this story on Vin Scully, who had a hard time getting to sleep after all the excitement Monday night.


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