Friday, October 13, 2006

Disneyland Fun for Friday

Are you one of those Disneyland fans who, like me, dreams of the return of the colorful PeopleMover to Tomorrowland?

If so, you can visit (linked above) and sign their petition.

I would certainly love to see this ride return to Disneyland. Combined with the Submarine Voyage reopening next year, it would help breathe new life into a sadly "dead" area of the park.

The PeopleMover had wonderful views of Tomorrowland and was also a great place to cool off on a hot day. My favorite part of the ride was looking into the America the Beautiful lobby, where a Bell operator would light up a map with the hometowns of the guests waiting for the next showing of the movie. :)

Now if only we could get the traffic-blocking Astro Orbitor removed from the Tomorrowland entrance and return the Rocket Jets to their rightful place high up in the sky...

(Some Disney trivia: Did you know that while Disneyland spells the name of the ride Astro Orbitor, at Disney World it's an Astro Orbiter?)

Meanwhile, I'd sure like to know what happened to the Mary Blair murals from "old" Tomorrowland. I hope they were preserved. Wouldn't they look nice somewhere near It's a Small World?


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