Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Main Stream Media Time vs. Blog Time

John Podhoretz compares the different ways the MSM and the blogosphere are seeing the last couple weeks before the election develop.

He particularly notes that "At some point last week, Republicans and conservatives on Blog Time began to cheer up, and Democrats and liberals on Blog Time began to worry."


Many of the polls are now trending positive for Republicans, such as this one.

George Allen is pulling ahead in the Virginia polls, despite (because of?) the Washington Post's relentless and unseemly campaign against him, totaling over 100 articles or editorials alleging he's racist in a little over two months.

Rush Limbaugh has mentioned his theory this week that as the election nears, the MSM is pulling back from its "push the electorate" polls to results that are closer to reality, so that they won't look completely partisan come election day if they don't receive the hoped-for results.

My husband has for years called this kind of moment "The Donaldson Line"; I don't know offhand if he coined that phrase or borrowed it, but it refers to the time when even someone like Sam Donaldson has to broadcast reality and quit pushing the agenda, or risk being caught completely flat-footed by actual events.

Dick Morris, who until recently has been quite gloomy, is now calling the overall race for control of Congress a toss-up. The respected Michael Barone, however, still forecasts a marginal win of the House by the Democrats. And Jim Geraghty waits and wonders.

And in an aside about the media, isn't it interesting that over the last two weeks Time and Newsweek have run fawning cover stories on Barack Obama ("The Next President") and Harold Ford, Jr. ("Not Your Daddy's Democrats"). Would have been awfully nice if the news magazines could have found the time, this close to the election, to also spotlight a prominent black Republican political candidate, such as Michael Steele or Ken Blackwell. Not that I'm for racial quotas...but when Time is running "Republican" covers such as a recent cover photo of an elephant's rear end, well, they obviously could be more "fair and balanced."


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