Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Last night was a discouraging night for conservatives, to put it mildly.

The possible loss of the Senate is a particular blow, as it will greatly impede President Bush's ability to confirm another Supreme Court justice who will uphold the Constitution rather than legislate from the bench.

We've lived under a Democrat President or Democrat Congress before, of course, but not since 9/11. That makes the stakes much more sobering.

However, as I posted the other day, "que sera, sera." What's done is done, and now conservatives must buck up and move onward. As John Hinderaker points out (subject link), part of the problem may have been Republicans not acting as conservatives. The Senate's lackadaisical attitude toward confirming judges in recent years is a real lost opportunity. And liberals have won, in part, by attempting to conceal their liberalism.

The role of the mainstream media and false advertising (i.e., Michael J. Fox) is also something that bears further evaluation and future strategizing.

Republicans lost in 1976, yet went on to unprecedented success under Ronald Reagan. It's time for evaluation, regrouping, and marching forward to win another day.

Update: Rush Limbaugh this morning: "Republicans lost last night, conservatism did not."


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