Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tonight's Movie: Cars (2006)

One of our traditions is that we gift the family with a new DVD on Thanksgiving, which we all sit down together to watch after dinner. Tonight's movie was the Disney/Pixar animated film CARS, which the rest of the family saw last summer but which was new to me.

I enjoyed it very much. As a NASCAR fan I got a particular kick out of the race sequences, including appearances by "Darrell Cartrip" and "Junior." I also loved the depiction of Route 66. The souvenir store in Radiator Springs was very much like the store we stopped in in Barstow on our way to the Grand Canyon a couple years ago! The concept of a world in which everything -- even bugs -- is some form of car was unique.

The film has an impressive voice cast, especially Paul Newman as Doc, the long-retired racing car. (Did his role and performance remind anyone else a bit of Burt Lancaster in FIELD OF DREAMS?) Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Billy Crystal even recorded new "car-based" TOY STORY and MONSTERS, INC., sequences for the end credits tribute to John Ratzenberger, the only actor to have appeared in every Pixar film. Be sure not to skip the end credits when you watch. :)

CARS runs 116 minutes. It's available on DVD.

If, like me, you are late to seeing CARS for the first time, I recommend it. A good time was had by all.


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