Thursday, January 04, 2007

Arnold Tacks Left on Health Insurance

Californians have in the past decisively rejected state-run health insurance.

Recently re-elected California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger now plans instead to take incremental steps moving our state to state-run health insurance, by offering health insurance to all of the state's children, including illegal aliens.

"All sectors of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, insurers, doctors, patients, businesses and government, would pay some of the costs under Schwarzenegger's plan. People familiar with the proposal say that it includes new requirements for businesses to cover employees, though the details were unclear."

It's particularly galling that in yet one more area our state's hard-working taxpayers would have their earnings transferred to illegal non-citizens.

I'm sure Arnold thinks this is "compassionate conservatism," but in my view this is another step on the road to socialism, which isn't at all compassionate.


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