Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Around the Blogosphere Today

Real Clear Politics, always a great site to visit, has an especially rich lineup of articles today. One of my favorites was by Victor Davis Hanson, writing on John Kerry, "The Ugly American" (linked above).

Captain's Quarters reports on a bill sponsored by Senators Obama and Schumer which would further restrict free political speech...individuals could file lawsuits against anyone they believe is making a "deceptive" public argument.

Captain Ed: "I'm certain that this law would have resulted in an avalanche of lawsuits against the Swift Boat veterans in 2004. They would have had to sink their funds into courtrooms and lawyers across the nation, defending their right to speak out by offering the considerable testimony and documentation they collected -- but that effort would have stopped them from participating in the election."

Michelle Malkin has an extensive roundup on the bizarre column by the Washington Post's National Security writer, in which he referred to U.S. soldiers as "mercenaries" who enjoy "obscene amenities"; he generally slammed them, saying they should be grateful they have any support from the American public. The author, William Arkin, seems to be more than a little unhinged (he also desperately needs the services of an editor)...yet he's employed by the Washington Post.

Betsy Newmark muses on Joe Biden's latest case of foot-in-mouth-itis, wondering among other things: "Will the Washington Post run as many stories on it as they did on George Allen saying macaca?"


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