Monday, January 01, 2007

The Clock's Ticking for Mike Nifong

The North Carolina State Bar will be meeting again January 18th and at that point is expected to address District Attorney Mike Nifong's suppression of exculpatory evidence.

Time Magazine reports that speculation is growing as to "when and under what circumstances will Nifong leave office." It is possible that North Carolina Governor Mike Easley could ask Nifong to step down.

I don't think 2007 will be a very good year for Mike Nifong. Nor should it be. He needs to publicly acknowledge the unethical steps he has taken in an attempt to railroad innocent men -- and assure his own election.

USC law professor Susan Estrich: "Maybe all Mike Nifong ever cared about was getting elected, no matter how many victims he created."

Update: I note that Time says that the governor's office appointed Nifong. Wasn't Nifong elected D.A.?

Wednesday Update: An email correspondent kindly cleared up that while Nifong was elected and just sworn in as D.A. Tuesday, he was originally appointed to be D.A. There was a vacancy when his predecessor became a judge.


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