Monday, January 22, 2007

Has Arnold "Jumped the Shark"?

Er, yes.

John Fund of Opinion Journal follows up last week's column on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's health plan with the latest on this topic.

The Governor is now terming the new taxes not just "fees," but "loans." The semantic games he's playing boggle the mind.

The only thing that may save Californians from the Governor and legislature forcing us into this new healthcare system may be the courts, inasmuch as they may rule that the Governor's "fees" (which would require a simple majority of the legislature) are actually "taxes" (which require a supermajority vote which will be much harder to obtain).

Unrelated trivia: It just so happens I attended the 1977 studio filming of the HAPPY DAYS episode which led to the origin of the phrase "jump the shark"...although the actual shark jumping was filmed outside without an audience...

Update: Michael Cannon of National Review writes that one of the things Schwarzenegger is trying to hide is the large percentage of this plan which will be paid for by non-Californians. In other words, this plan, if passed, would affect non-Californians immediately, not just when and if your state emulates the California plan.


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