Monday, January 01, 2007

Remembering President Ford

President Ford's family returned to the Capitol Rotunda today, where some of his children greeted those who had waited in line to pay their respects. They also handed out cards of appreciation to some of those in line.

The Ford family's classy gesture in handing out the cards called to mind a memory of President Ford: When I attained the rank of First Class Cadette in Girl Scouts, I received a printed card of congratulations from President Ford. The card was framed and hung in my bedroom for years. I very much appreciated President Ford's support of Scouting. Links about President Ford and Scouting can be found at Free Republic.

During the tribute to President Ford preceding the Rose Bowl game, I suddenly remembered that the one and only time I went to see the Rose Parade in person, President Ford was the Grand Marshal. I have photos somewhere...

Our homeschool year resumes tomorrow, but we will be taking time out to watch President Ford's funeral service which will be held in Washington's National Cathedral. I am so glad we have the option to put aside lessons and watch "history in the making."


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