Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Homeschooling Horror Story

The Germans sound quite, the way they today enforce his 1938 law outlawing homeschooling. Parents who attempt to homeschool are arrested and jailed, and the most notorious case currently has a homeschooled young girl locked in a psychiatric ward due to "school phobia." No, this is sadly not a joke.

As detailed in the linked article, the United Nations also frowns on homeschooling.

The facts recited in this Washington Times article should be a cautionary tale for all Americans.

In an age when some Supreme Court justices like to cite foreign and international law rather than rely on the United States age when a Texas governor feels free to mandate that all girls get a vaccine for a sexually transmitted age when the 9th Circuit Court rules that parents do not have a "fundamental right" to direct their children's age when a Massachusetts school refuses to obtain parental consent before teaching kindergarten children about homosexuality...

...all American parents need to be on their guard.


Blogger Denny said...

That is a horrible story. You are right in thinking it could happen here.

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