Thursday, April 19, 2007

Backlash Hits NBC

Today NBC's Brian Williams defended NBC's airing of the Virginia Tech shooter's tape: "We decided what of it we could air as a news organization. I do not know of a reputable news organization that would have stopped after that first step ... and put the contents into a drawer."

Maybe that kind of thinking is a big part of what's wrong with TV news.

Victims' family members cancelled appearances on NBC today. Amidst strong criticism from many quarters, NBC also tried to defend airing the tape by stating that as of today they were restricting it to 10 percent of their airtime.

Are we really supposed to be comforted that the tape will "only" be shown six minutes per hour?

The damage has been done, whether it's to grant the murderer his dying wish -- I deliberately do not give him further publicity by using his name on my blog -- inspire potential copycats, or cause pain to grieving families.


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