Friday, April 13, 2007

Great Baseball Trivia

When I heard that last night Tom Glavine won his 292nd career game, I was mildly surprised to realize Glavine is still pitching. He was on the 1st place Rotisserie baseball team my husband and I co-owned back in 1988. We won our Rotisserie league championship the same week the Dodgers won the World Series and our oldest daughter was born. That was an exceptionally good week!

What makes it even more fun is that last night Glavine and Jamie Moyer set the all-time record for the oldest combined age of starting lefthanded pitchers, with a combined age of 85 years, 163 days.

The previous age record for a lefties-only duel was Tommy John (my all-time favorite player) vs. Jerry Reuss, at 83 years, 299 days.

The oldest combined age of starters ever was Charlie Hough (righthander) vs. Frank Tanana (lefthander), at 85 years, 232 days.

John, Reuss, and Hough were all Dodgers relatively early in their careers, and Tanana was once an Angel, though none of them were still with the Dodgers or Angels at the time they set the age records. Maybe there's something about the Southern California weather that contributes to pitching longevity. :)


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