Monday, April 16, 2007


There isn't much that can be said about the terrible events today at Virginia Tech.

As the parent of a college student, I particularly relate to what the families in this situation are suffering. My daughter says the news is the talk of her own campus today.

Free Republic, linked above, has a live thread with continuous updates; an ongoing summary of this afternoon's press conference starts with posts around the 1800s.

The question which seems to be on everyone's minds is why the campus wasn't locked down in the hours after the initial shootings. I suspect it is too early yet for all the facts to be clear, let alone consider whether or not that is a fair criticism.

More updates from Pajamas Media, Hot Air, and Google News.

Update: I agree with Dennis Prager...the University President almost immediately announcing plans to "begin the healing process" struck me as inappropriate. Given the timing, it sounded self-centered and insensitive to the bereaved.

Such a sad day. My prayers and sincere condolences to all who were affected by today's events.


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