Friday, July 27, 2007

Update on O.C. Courts Outsourcing to Mexico

Peggy Lowe of the Orange County Register updates yesterday's story on an Orange County, California court sending the personal identification of traffic ticket recipients to be processed in Mexico.

She notes, as I did last night, that the oversight of the Sonoran police to help prevent identify theft of Americans' personal information is meaningless, due to the ongoing police corruption scandals in Mexico.

The court had initially refused to provide details of the contract -- which struck me as illegal -- but now discloses it's worth $1.5 million.

Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby has placed this issue on next week's agenda as an emergency item. Hundreds of citizens are reported to have complained today.

Discussions have begun about legislation to prevent outsourcing of such personal information to Mexico in the future.

The Register notes that the ticket information sent to Mexico not only includes driver's license numbers, birthdates, and addresses, but Social Security numbers. A veritable treasure trove of information for would-be illegal aliens to use when they cross the border.

All it takes is one flash drive in the wrong hands...


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