Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life & Times Story on Felix the Cat Sign

Sam Louie of KCET's LIFE & TIMES did a good report on the Felix the Cat sign controversy. You can watch his 8-minute news story online. (Click on the subject link above.)

Life & Times linked to Laura's Miscellaneous Musings on the same page where you can watch the video -- scroll down to "Insider Viewpoints."

The one angle in the video report that I'm curious about is that while Darryl Holter of Felix Chevrolet discusses how a historic landmark designation could impede him from renovating his building and cause problems with his relationship with Chevrolet corporate headquarters, there is no discussion about how the historic designation could affect the long-rumored University Gateway "mixed-use" development project planned for that intersection.

Although I've previously heard chatter that both of the Felix lots at Figueroa and Jefferson were part of the plans, I found a couple websites which say the project would only be located on the Felix lot on the northwest corner of the intersection, across from the affected building. But one would think if the dealership is considering giving up one of their lots, they might have plans for the northeast corner and the "sign building" as well.

Previous posts on this topic here at Laura's Miscellaneous Musings: July 12, 2007, July 26, 2007, and August 23, 2007.


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