Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More on the Seattle Ferry Story

Ed Morrissey had a very interesting update today about the suspicious behavior of the two men the FBI is seeking.

The two men have photographed restricted areas, measured distances in the cargo hold, studied evacuation charts, and asked "unusual questions."

And yet the Seattle Post-Intelligencer would rather a ferry blows up than run the men's photo and help the FBI locate them for an interview.

A Post-Intelligencer columnist, Robert Jamieson, Jr., wants to pretend there's no there there and it's all about racism. He asserts that "Fear makes people irrational."

No, political correctness makes people irrational.

Fear justifiably causes people to take commonsense steps to protect themselves from potential threats.

Thursday Update: A very interesting update from Michelle Malkin: "I have learned that these men have been the subject of much investigative energy within homeland security bureaucracies for quite some time. Indeed, one source told me that until the FBI released the photos of the men, the snapshots had been handled as classified material."


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